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Take an incredible journey across the nation with Jeffrey Elvis as he tells his story of triumph over adversity in a personal recovery mission that spanned two years and forty states. Jeffrey tells a portion of this story at almost every show, but the full story will change your life and make you rethink everything you know about your belief system. The story is moving and compelling and the descriptive images are unforgettable.

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NEW: It is my great pleasure to release this incredible turn of the century story to you that takes place on an island that stretches from Seattle to Tacoma Washington, beautiful Vashon Island. Lake of Whispers has been well researched and will take you back to a time where life was simple and elegant. The story is packed with dramatic moments set in the golden years of this mysterious island. The story unfolds through the eyes of two young girls as they work through island justice and prejudice driven by a black man accused of murder.  So vivid are the scenes painted in this beautifully bound novel, that you will feel like you were there and you will never forget this wonderful era, long since forgotten in the crevices of time. 

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In addition to being a passionate entertainer, Jeffrey is also an inspirational story teller. His stories are compelling and are hard to put down once you get past the first paragraph. Books are sold at shows but if you were not able to get one, you can purchase them

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