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"I know how it is, when you hire an entertainer, you really don't know what you are getting. I'll save you the time of digging through more than 50 five-star references; the show is interactive and really connects to the audience. Whether the show is for 30 people or 300, the effect is the same and you will feel like you have had a real Elvis experience that only the King himself could deliver".


Jeffrey has performed his Elvis tribute show for more than 100 audiences including Night Clubs, Casinos, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Public Events, Fairs, and even Parades. His show is versatile and works closely with the organizers to make sure the audience has the very best experience possible for the budget available.


Only the best in HD Quality sound, Wireless and Blue Tooth technology are used in the Jeffrey Elvis show to deliver the best possible quality that can be set up in 30 minutes or less. Currently the system packs a punch for any size audience at 7000 Watts of power, perfect for up to 200 people indoors or 150 Outdoors.The sound and lighting is designed to create a Los Vegas Show Experience that fans will remember for a long time to come.


For audiences up to 100 people, Jeffrey's sound and lighting system is more than adequate for that funky DJ dance sound. For larger crowds (200+), additional equipment is recommended. We will work closely with you and help find an advanced system and/or DJ to make sure your system will handle the load. 


Jeffrey prefers to be close to the venue at least four hours ahead of time and if extensive travel is required, arrival the night before is preferred to allow rest time. A one night stay per show is usually adequate for out of town shows. Jeffrey frequently travels with his son and wife that assist or perform with him in the show.


A stage diagram layout and lighting schedule will be provided for theatrical performances. Jeffrey plays the acoustic piano as often in shows as possible as long as it is tuned properly and sounds great.   


Jeffrey prefers a cocktail style layout with a half moon chair and/or table layout so that he can walk right down the middle, right up to the audience. This area will also be used for dancing. Even if a stage is available, a half moon configuration is preferred as long as it doesn't separate the audience to far from the stage. Jeffrey likes to be "up close and personal"  


Jeffrey Elvis delivers an authentic, polished Elvis Tribute show that is unforgettable. For more than a decade, Jeffrey has been recording and performing with different bands and has himself, written more than 40 songs for piano, saxophone, guitar and violin.  

"I have had the good fortune of playing with many different bands over the years, so I have invested in a library of Elvis tracks that are recorded with live performing artists to bring that live feel to every performance." 

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Jeffrey Elvis

P.O. Box 62, Lynden WA 98264 US

Cell: +(360) 224-2191 

Nancy: +(360) 383-6524

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​Jay Barry 
National Executive Manager
Jay: +(360) 945-1780​


Inspired by early R&B legends of the '60s and '70s like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond, Jeffrey grew up dancing with the radio and writing songs using his amazing God given piano and guitar talent. He cultivated his career along the legendary "Music Highway" behind the wheel of a semi-truck, singing from sun-up to sundown until his voice could be heard all the way to Memphis. His heart and passion for music have captivated audiences across North America from Vancouver, British Columbia to Dallas Texas making his show the most talked about show in North America. Call Jeffrey today for your next special event, aren't your guests worth the very best!