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 What you need to know in Preparation for a Show

SETUP:Make sure you allow 1-2 hours of setup time. Jeffrey Elvis likes to be set up 1-2 hours before show-time.
CONFIGURATION:The preferred room configuration is a horseshoe for the front rows and adequate room to reach all other guests in the room. Jeffrey does use a stage where available but spends much of the show right down in front of the audience. A combination of tables and chairs is okay if food and drinks are served. SEE DIAGRAM BELOW.
DANCING: Most shows have some dancing but rarely more than 10 people at a time. The stage area inside the horseshoe area usually doubles as the dance floor. If the setup is the dance floor, the dance floor will also be the stage until people get up and dance.
TIMING: If food is being served, Jeffrey prefers to come out before people finish eating so they don’t leave before the show gets started. The first set is sit-down music for this reason. The second set is more dance-oriented.

MEALS:Jeffrey eats very light or not at all before going on stage. If food is served, please reserve a plate with a healthy fair of salad and fruit.
LEVI AGE: Levi is 14 years old and is considered a professional.  He is legally allowed in any bar in Washington State as long as he is working with the band. He will not be in age-restricted areas unless he is working on setup, tear down or performing. Any other restrictions should be discussed beforehand.
SHOW INTRO:Jeffrey starts the show with 2001 Space Odyssey. He will introduce himself unless there is an MC to make the announcement.
SPECIAL REQUESTS: If there is a birthday or anniversary you would like to acknowledge, please let Jeffrey know so he can honor those people during the show.
GIVEAWAYS:Jeffrey hands out posters for free, several Teddy Bears and Scarves. If additional scarves or bears are required, scarves are $3 each and bears are $2 each. Must be purchased in block of 10.
ITEMS FOR SALE:Venues rarely cover all the costs of shows so we ask that you partner with us by providing space for selling shirts, mugs, and scarves and reminding people we have a tip jar. The show is constantly being upgraded to be the very best. Thanks for your help in the financial area.  

Preparing for a Show

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